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Special Collections

Private collections are often full of appeals that are different from those held by university libraries. The Gunma University libraries offer such collections that have been generously donated by their original owners. Many of these items are now out of print.

Main library (Aramaki Campus)

Library of Engineerings (Kiryu Campus)

Main Library (Aramaki Campus)

Tanabe Collection

@About 6,000 books and journals mainly on philosophy, literature, natural science and art as well as original manuscripts and notebooks of the late Tanabe Hajime, former honorary professor from Kyoto University. Many of the works have notes written by the professor himself. He remarked that the holdings of a university library should be for ordinary students to use, and items should not be owned privately but be readily available to those who are willing to learn. He obtained most of his research items at his own expense. The greater part of his collection was donated to the University, and a part to the Kyoto University.

Spinoza Collection

236 books by and on the 17th century Dutch philosopher Spinoza, a part of the 8,000-book collection treasured and donated by the late Takahashi Sei-hichi, the second president of the Kanko-do book store in Maebashi to the university. This is a rare Spinoza collection that includes the first edition of Tractatus Theologico-Politicus and other valuable books in English, German, French, Latin and Hebrew.

Nitta Collection

This is a collection of approximately 9,000 handwritten copies of old Japanese and Chinese books, woodblock-printed books and other ancient books that were owned by the family of the former Baron Nitta. The late Nitta Yoshitomi donated them to the University. The handwritten copies and printed books are cataloged in Kotenseki Sogo Mokuroku (Comprehensive Catalog of Classic Books) published by Iwanami Shoten.

Katsumori Collection

Katsumori Sumi, former Gunma University professor of history (Department of Education), donated 2,568 books and 11 types of journals dealing primarily with Japanese history as well as with literature, philosophy and art.

Kunisawa Collection

Kunisawa Hiroshi, former Gunma University honorary professor of psychology (Department of Education), donated 2,026 books mainly on psychology, art and movies.

Kakishita Collection

Kakishita Seiichiro, former Gunma University honorary professor of education (Department of Education), donated 3,243 books on education, mainly by John Dewey.

Katsuyama Collection

Katsuyama Isao, former Gunma University honorary professor of literature (Department of Liberal Arts) donated 2,348 books and 103 journals mainly on Japanese modern literature as well as on philosophy, history, social science and art.

Ozaki Collection

Ozaki Kisao, former Gunma University honorary professor of history (Department of Education) donated 2,900 books and reports mainly on Japanese history including many research reports on ruins and cultural assets.

Local Karuta Collection

Yamaguchi Yukio and part-time teacher Haraguchi Mikiko (both from the Department of Education) donated a rare collection of about 120 different local karuta from all over the nation.

Library of Engineerings (Kiryu Campus)

Tamagami Collection

This collection of 521 books mainly on mountains, mountain climbing and nature, was purchased through continuous donations made by the family of the late Tamagami Saburo who died in an accident on Tanigawa-dake mountain in July 1961 when he was a freshman in the Department of Engineering.

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