Branch library of Medicine
List of databases
Name of DB search situation condition for use How to access
SPIRS WinSPIRS Showa Campus Exclusive Software(Install guide EndNote etc. Z39.50 Client guide
PubMed(show "群大") Web browser Free icon shown next to a search result title indicates that the item is an electric journal and that the content can be read. This service is available on the computers in the Branch Library of Medicine.
Igaku-chuo-zasshi exclusive software Showa Campus or Exclusive software(Install guide
Web browser
Cochrane Library Web browser Showa Campus &
Health administration center
Best Evidence 5 stand alone Medical Library You can use PC of Branch Library of Medicine.
(Journal Citation Reports)
stand alone Medical Library You can use PC of Branch Library of Medicine.
NACSIS-IR  Web browser Gunma University


Electronic Reference Library (accessible only on the Showa campus)

MEDLINE and CINAHL can be used through ERL, a search system operated by Silver Platter. Special Client software (SPIRS for Windows and for Mac) is available, but ERL can also be accessed via a web browser.
“*LHM” tags in ERL search results are linked to electronic journals. Most of the items of and after 1998 are available in full text.

Required software: A web browser or Special Client software
Password: As shown below

medicine med med
health health health
hospital hosp hosp
Ins. micro.regul. imcr imcr

This database is provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and covers a wide variety of fields from chemicals, nursing, dentistry and health care. More than 4,000 items (in and after 1966) from nearly 70 countries are searchable. The base includes 170 Japanese journals as well and provides bibliographical data (title, author, journal name, etc.).

This is a database that aims to provide information for nurses and health care professionals. It covers the same data as the Nursing Literature Index Journal, a Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature. Searchable items include English-language nursing journals, publications from the American Nurses’ Association and the National League for Nursing, nursing degree theses, and literature on biomedical science, education and business.

PubMed(with"群大") Free

This is the MEDLINE provided free of charge on the Internet by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. PreMEDLINE, in-process database for MEDLINE, is also searchable. When a Gunma University icon is displayed with “abstract” or “citation” of a search result, this means that the full text of the item can be read by clicking the icon. The search, however, must be made using the special URL (with bold characters added). Searches may be made from outside the university, though full texts cannot be read in such cases.

 Igaku Chuo Zasshi Accessible only on the Showa Campus

This is a database of domestic literature on medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and related fields. About 23,000 items are added every month from about 2,400 journals. Both the online data and CD-ROMs cover data as far back as 1987. To use the CD-ROMs, special search software needs to be installed. Simultaneous accesses: 4


Cochrane library Accessible only on the Showa Campus and Health Management Center

This is a database provided by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international project to evaluate medical technologies. The data provided is to be used to support evidence-based medicine. The database can be used via a web browser.
Click Enter with the user name and password boxes blank.
Simultaneous access: 1 (Please be sure to click Exit after you have finished.)


Best Evidence 5 Stand alone(PC in Medical library)

Stand-alone (Use the computers in the Branch Library of Medicine)
This database covers 10 years of publications of the ACP Journal Club from 1991 to 2000 and 6 years of evidence-based medicine from 1995 to 2000. It aims to help users obtain information necessary to solve various clinical problems and provides scientific evidence necessary for the best possible clinical treatment decisions to be made without the need of carefully reading of a large number of journals.


Journal Citation Reports Stand-alone (Use the computers in the Branch Library of Medicine)

For evaluations and comparison of academic journals. JCR provides statistical data on the number of times an academic journal has been cited by others as well as the number of times it has cited others, the period of time it took before it was cited after its publication, etc. The data can be displayed not only by title, field and country of origin, but also by Impact Factor and Immediacy Index. The processed data can be downloaded or used in forms such as Excel.

NACSIS-IR Only in the University

   This service by the National Institute of Informatics to search online literature and academic data is
    available anywhere inside the university.